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Steve Karoul is an author and an educator as well as an accomplished casino consultant and has published well over one hundred articles about various aspects of casino marketing. They have appeared in most major gaming publications around the world. His articles are written to be both informative and educational in nature and are written from a hands-on, casino operators perspective. Steve has also been a featured key note speaker at many casino conferences and exhibitions around the world sharing many of his own experiences and ideas with younger individuals just beginning their careers in the casino industry. Steve is viewed as an innovator by his peers and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Enjoy the articles and good luck.

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Samples of educational articles written by Steve Karoul to help you learn more about the casino industry:

Casino Management Software Options

Artificial Intelligence, Poker Bots and Wining at Poker

Luner Poker Hits the USA

Marci in Accounting is a Casino Marketing Machine

Understanding or Confusion with Online Poker and Gaming

Team Selling – Team Hosting URBINO

Understanding Asian Casino Marketing

Foxwoods Rolls Out New Rolling Program in the United States

Learn everything about EZ Baccarat and why your casino needs it

Casino Marketing for Dummies

Asian Casino Marketing: I’m not Chinese, I’m Vietnamese

Casino Marketing Innovation

The Collapsible Virtual Casino Marketing Dream Team of the Future for Smaller Native American Casinos

Angry Upset Players: What do you do?

How to Become a Casino Junket Rep

Casino Junkets: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Casino Junkets: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part Two

The Collapsible Virtual Casino Marketing Dream Team of the Future

Contact Management Programs

Customer Profiling: An Important Factor in the Profitability Equation

Do You Know Your Casino’s VCL?

Ethnic Marketing Yields Incremental Revenue

Foxwoods Formula for Success

The Foxwoods Value Project

Junkets for South Africa?

Optimize Room Occupancy to Maximize Casino Revenues

Physics, Psychology and the Casino Industry

The Casino Executive Helper

The Old Annual Casino Budget Dilemma

Thou Shall Not Steal

Tweaking Bottom Line Profitability

When, Why and How to “Fire” a Customer

Casino Marketing – Perception or Reality

Blackjack Card Counters??? Call the Bloodhound

Dead Chip Rolling Pays 1.5%

Loss Discounts: Understand the Math

Managing your Casino Complaint Department

Coupons, Groupons and Daily Deals

White Lions, White Tigers and the Casino Industry

Casino Credit without Risk

Problem Gaming

Casino Mystery Shopping

Interview with Richard Macus – World’s Great Casino Cheat

When is a High Roller actually a High Risk

Casino Marketing in Good Times versus Bad Times

Article Optimize Room Occupancy to Maximize Casino Revenues

Create Fun Unique Casino Special Events

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Casino Junket Reps

Casino Junket Programs

Casino Branch Office Operations

Casino Player’s Club Operations

Casino Rating Systems and Procedures

Casino Incentive and Rewards Programs

Casino Strategic Planning (S.W.O. T. Analysis)

Casino Special Events, Entertainment and Gift Parties

Casino Player Development and Marketing to VIP Players

International Casino Marketing, Ethnic Marketing, Cultural Awareness

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