Casino Mystery Shopping

Three processes found in analyzing successful casino management are:


Validate is the tricky one.  Every casino owner, director or executive wants to insure that his or her operation is running flawlessly.  However, we all know that is not always the case or possible for a variety of different reasons.  Therefore, the trick is to validate your current operation as objectively and professionally as possible.  This almost always requires outsourcing this service to maintain independence and objectivity. These observations are critical for making adjustments or taking corrective action to help improve or insure your customer service levels as well as your customer service expectations.


Euro-Asia Consulting has established a strategic partnership with Service Sleuth and their worldwide associates to be able to provide casinos with an innovative approach to casino mystery shopping that incorporates proprietary, purpose developed software nick-named “Sherlock.”  Sherlock is web based and allows you access to real time data 24 hours per day.  Sherlock is password protected and has multi-level access for additional security.  Sherlock provides fast reporting and statistical data direct to you via the Internet.

Service Sleuth

Service Sleuth is one of the few casino mystery shopping companies that holds a Private Investigator’s License which is required for casino mystery shopping in the State of Nevada.  Service Sleuth maintains offices in Nevada and Massachusetts to cover the entire United States quickly and efficiently.  Service Sleuth staff perform over 5,000 mystery shops per month nationwide for various well known companies and has also worked for numerous large casinos such as New York/ New York, Luxor, Excalibur, Hyatt Gaming, Ameristar Casinos, etc. as well as many Native American casinos such as Soboba Casino, Bullwhackers, Fantasy Springs and Lucky Eagle Casino.  All mystery shopping assignments are custom developed to fit the exact needs and requirements of every casino. In addition, we also offer the option of Casino Mystery Shopping your competiton in conjunction with your own property for an additional perspective on what is really happening both internally and externally.

International Operations:

North America – Europe – Asia – Africa – Latin America

Euro-Asia Casino Consulting and Service Sleuth are part of an exclusive worldwide network of highly qualified Casino Mystery Shopping companies that utilize the “Sherlock” software designed for hotels, casinos, golf resorts and destination resorts.  Don’t leave things to chance.  Validate your operation on a regular on-going basis otherwise it may be your customers who will be soon leaving you for a competitor. E-mail for more information and specifics related to Casino Mystery Shopping by the casino consultant experts.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to casino mystery shopping.”

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