Casino Executive Search

How do you find good help today?  Euro-Asia Casino Consulting is not necessarily a Casino Executive Search firm.  However, due to our extensive network of friends and personal relationships around the world we have been able to help place many highly qualified casino executives and managers in various casino management positions internationally.  Having the ability to reach out on a personal basis to qualifed casino people around the world has enabled us to both find qualified individuals as well as check on their actual job performance, references and capabilities or liabilities whichever the case may be.

Euro-Asia Casino Consulting works both independently and with other top casino executive search firms around the world to be able to offer a unique blend of professional search capabilities combined with professional investigation techniques. We believe that our process enables us to find qualifed individuals who will perform well in their new positions and who will also be able to contribute to the overall success of their new employer.

We maintain our own  unique database of casino people in various positions ranging from executive level, marketing, gaming management, surveillance, hotel, food & beverage, etc.  This database constantly changes depending upon an individuals satisfaction with their current positon and with opportunities that may unexpectedly develop.  We encourage individuals who may be looking for new opportunities to E-mail us with an updated CV.

KaraokeSingerWe specialize in the difficult and unusual casino executive search assignments.  For example, we have one casino manager in our database that specializes in opening casinos and trouble-shooting problems.  He has worked in casinos in England, the Middle East, the Bahamas, Europe and Asia. The stamps in his passport also include some unusual casino locations in Mongolia, Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moscow, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Mongolia, Iran, etc. Understanding and adapting to various cultures is not easy but it does affect an individual’s ability to be effective in a different country.  Many technically proficient casino people cannot adapt to foreign cultures easily.

All inquiries and information will be handled with the strictest of confidence at all times. Please feel free to E-mail me your CV. E-mail to:

All inquiries from casino owners / operators will also be handled with the same high level of confidentiality and discretion at all times. Euro-Asia Consulting networks continuously with many of the top executive search firms in the world and has been able to successfully recommend many highly qualified individuals.  Don’t take chances or you may be surprised with some of the applicants.