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Casino Host Training

An independent service offered by Barbara Sullivan

  • Are you satisfied with the revenue being produced by your marketing team?
  • Is your operating plan working as you would hope?
  • Are your casino hosts driving revenue as you would hope?
  • Do you have the right staffing?
  • Are your casino hosts and player development personnel adequately prepared before they hit the casino floor?
  • Do they understand their job duties and how to execute them?
  • Are they held accountable?
  • Do they have the tracking systems, technology, and tools to do their jobs?
  • Do they display the leadership qualities you expect from a casino host team?
  • Do they understand the new era of web based mail and how they can help fulfill this vital need?
  • Are you satisfied with the feedback and communication within your casino host team?
  • Do they operate as a team?
  • Are your team leaders trained to hire personnel who will improve your operations and revenue?

Call today and I will customize a week of consulting that will enable your casino host team to be truly successful. I am also available to hire and train new teams and show the team leaders how to build their team successfully.

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Casino Host and Player Development Training
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Casino Telemarketing Training

An independent service offered by
Nick Ippolito at

Telemarketing is critical today for most casinos. Educate your staff on how to do it right to maximize business..

Nick Ippolito

Nick Ippolito formulated, designed and executes this uniquely branded curriculum (one on one training and seminars) in telemarketing casino guests. This curriculum is not only formulated and designed specifically for calling casino guests but it’s also completely host friendly. Nick has 20+ years of extensive experience in player development, casino marketing, slot marketing, telemarketing, national casino marketing and branch office management. He teaches the techniques required for capturing the attention of the guest, controlling the conversation, proper communication with the guest, being invited back to market them and ultimately closing the sale. We also teach the skills required to communicate efficiently with spouses, family members, administrative assistants, etc. and how to leave voice mails that get responses. What used to work in the casino marketing industry doesn’t produce the same results anymore.

Competition is fierce and the economy is tough.  Direct mail and player relationships are not enough to survive.  Inactive play is higher than ever yet your rate of obtaining NEW players is low.  This is the market you must capitalize on!

Please contact Euro-Asia Consulting for additional information or contact Nick at Player Development Systems


“…We have seen an immediate increase in our inactive and declining business databases since [Nick Ippolito’s] seminar and subsequent one on one follow ups with each one of our hosts…” – VIP Sales Manager at L’Auberge Du Lac Casino and Resort at Pinnacle Entertainment

..after 90 minutes of your [Nick Ippolito’s] class, I felt “bullet-proof”, was ready to chew on barbed wire, and get on the phone to make some bookings! I thought it was outstanding material! – Paul Hutchins General Manager, Isle of Capri , Lake Charles LA