Innovative New Products

During our extensive travels around the world we often meet with many new companies or individuals that have developed innovative new products or services that we think will be both of interest to and also beneficial to casinos, hotels and resorts.  Being the first to use such products may possibly represent big competitive advantages or substantial cost savings for your operation.

Digi Playcard casino

Electronic Digi Playcards:

Often described as a hand held slot machine, the Digi Playcard ® is the first fully-interactive electronic product designed for casino sales promotions, casino marketing and brand re-enforcement. The cards are ideal for mailing to a database or distributing in the casino.  Very reasonably priced, very innovative and a sure bet to bring people into your casino instead of your competitors.
(Note: as of May 1, 2011 production of Digi Playcards have been temporarily suspended due to economic conditions)


  • For the first time casino marketing executives have a product with which they can give their customers two distinct “reward driven” opportunities to respond to a promotion. multi-game
  •  multi-play
  •  multi-prize level
  •  multi-competition
  •  extended play
  •  interactive features

These opportunities are enhanced by the high-tech look and feel of the card as well as the strong branding, collectability and entertainment value.

The Playcard can be programmed to make casino promotions extremely cost effective. All results are pre-determined.

Are you feeling lucky?

  •  The “Digi Playcard” ® is both an electronic Instant Ticket and a hand-held slot machine.
  •  It is programmed with two games.
  •  By playing the “Accumulator game” the player gains points which earn rewards.
  •  Next comes the “Bonus game” with three new Icons.
  •  The icons can be checked every day online or at a venue.
  •  If the player can match his three icons he can win another reward.
The prize fund budget and prize levels.
The graphics depending on the promotion.
The timing of the event.

We program the Playcard and the presentation sleeve to your requirements
We work with you to put together a great casino marketing program.

Great New Innovative Product for Successful New Casino Promotions.
Unbelievable low price for an incredible new product that players will love.
Guaranteed to bring them to your casino for prize redemption and additional play.


“Our cards are unique because they allow a casino operator to give his customers three levels of reward in one extended promotion”.

Results are key. Here is a recent example; the San Marco Casino in Curacao started a promotion in August, traditionally a bad trading month. They achieved a 90% response rate and increased slots turnover by 27%.

This is far and away the most cost-effective promotion they have ever held. Details can be had from Leo Crawford, Slots Manager.

We are happy to offer tailor made recommendations for Playcard promotions to suit your individual circumstances. We can also organize sports sponsorship promotions.

Note: Digi Playcards have suspended manufacturing as of Jan. 1 2012. I will advise you if this changes in the future.

Note: Nov. 2014 – Digi Playcards is in the process of developing a new updated card to service casinos, lotteries and special casino promotions. Please check with Euro-Asia Consulting, LLC for the latest updates.