Casino Junkets

Casino Junkets and Independent Reps are two of the great mysteries and part of the mystique that surrounds the casino industry today on a global basis. Casinos are actually highly regulated and therefore are classified as an industry that is “black or white with very minimal or no gray” due to very strict regulations. Unfortunately, Casino Junkets and Independent Rep programs are not as clear cut or as easy to understand. Steve Karoul is an industry expert in these areas with over 37 years of experience in well over 100 different countries around the world. Steve has also worked for, worked as and worked with some of the largest international Junkets and Reps in the world. Steve is a recognized authority in these areas and often helps casinos to improve their overall profitability by implementing good programs, controls and marketing efforts via casino junkets and independent reps. Steve is also an educator, an author and a lecturer. The attached articles will help to demystify some of the perceptions about Casino Junkets and Casino Independent Reps. Contact us if your casino needs advice or help.

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