Don’t forget your Tune-up

The Casino Marketing Tune Up concept is similar to the analogy of sending your automobile to the garage for an annual tune up which is fast, cost effective and normally results in a quick boost in performance versus a major motor overhaul which is expensive, time consuming and may not be necessary.  The five day “tune up” covers casino marketing, player development and a variety of other casino marketing areas to help give the host casino a big competitive advantage.

The tune up is extremely cost efficient, highly effective and represents excellent value for the money spent.  The process of The Casino Marketing Tune Up is fun and interesting.  It is enjoyed by both staff and management.  Employee contributions to the process help ensure the overall success of the tune up as well as the commitment to support the proposed action plan.

The Casino Marketing Tune Up Concept

A quick, on-site, five day approach to improving your casino marketing performance.

  • On-site observations of the overall operations from the viewpoint of the customer
  • On-site observation of areas related to casino marketing and player development.
  • Meet with Marketing Director and or Marketing Team members
    • Introduction and Overview
    • S.W.O.T. Analysis of areas observed
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Define Objectives and Goals for both short and long term
    • Task Force Assignments for that evening
  • Review of Task Force results and analysis
    • Begin to formulate new action plans for immediate improvements
    • Relate action plan to objectives and goals
    • Define any immediate financial needs different from existing budget
  • Summarize all action plans and set time lines and budgets.
    • Evaluate the CASINO MARKETING TUNE UP results

Most casinos have very capable staffs.  

The Casino Marketing Tune Up is not about capabilities, it is all about improving performance.  Most casino marketing executives are far too busy just managing day to day crisis and taking care of their customers.  When they do try to analyze their own operations the analysis is often flawed because it usually lacks objectivity since the operational staffs recognize them and often try to do their best to impress them.  The first two days of the Casino Marketing Tune Up are conducted on-site and under-cover with our staff posing as customers similar to mystery shopping.  Therefore, our experiences are much more realistic, valid and objective and often reveal exactly what your customers experience versus what a known executive may experience.  I guarantee that the two experiences probably differ.  The degree of difference is one of the critical factors that influence the overall success of the casino and your marketing efforts.

Marketing is expensive.  Don’t waste your time and your money.

The casino industry today is not about making money, it is about creating value.  The casino industry is changing rapidly.  Therefore, casino management needs to recognize these changes and begin to take steps today to change their operation and their view points to better prepare for the future.  How about social media?  If you haven’t reviewed your social media in the past 90 days you are way overdue for a social media tune up.  We work with one of the best companies with a proven track record of success.

Tune Up Fee:

The five day Casino Marketing Tune Up is very reasonably priced from US $15,000 plus expenses.  Please contact us for additional information.

We are not afraid or embarrassed to publish our Casino Marketing Tune Up fee.  If you have looked at other casino consulting firms, you will find that our services ultimately cost less – on both a percentage basis and on an absolute dollar basis.  Our overhead is quite low but the quality of our work is extremely high.  We understand the casino business, we understand all aspects of casino marketing and player development and we understand how to tune up your casino marketing to improve your casino’s performance.  Try us, you will like us. We are an expert casino consultant firm that provides all aspects of casino marketing, both domestic and international, focusing on global casino consulting projects.

Steve Karoul
President & CEO

Euro-Asia Casino Consulting