Slot Play Coupons have developed an innovative concept that will afford a new creative opportunity for casinos to develop new slot business.

With correct implementation their method will help:

– Acquire New Players
– Reactivate Existing Players
– Increase Visitation
– Reduce Exposure (on existing Free Play offer)
– Stimulate Group Business

Slot Play Coupons help you target customers with interest in gaming.

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Coupons, Groupons, and Daily Deals
In today’s economy it’s tougher than ever to acquire new players, re-activate old ones, and increase visitation to your casino. To stay competitive in today’s market, and to maintain and build your property’s “share of wallet” many casinos are anxiously trying to reinvent themselves, and evaluating new business development opportunities. So how do casinos find and develop new business in today’s fiercely competitive market? How do casinos retain their existing base without sacrificing the bottom line? And what is the best way to reactivate your existing base of customers who may be frequenting your competition?