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Asian Casino Marketing: Lucrative but not Easy

Almost every casino around the world understands the value of Asian Casino Marketing but most do not understand what Asian Casino Marketing really is.  Therefore, many casinos seem to make the same fatal error and then wonder why their Asian casino marketing program failed.  One of my more popular articles was titled “I’m not Chinese, I’m Vietnamese”.  This article sums it up nicely because the first thing a casino needs to understand is that not all Asian market segments are the same or simply stated; one size does not fit all when it comes to Asian casino marketing.  It means the same thing when one considers that Asia is not Asia.  Asia consists of many different countries, many different cultures, many different languages, many different foods, customs, traditions, beliefs, holidays, etc.

I consulted for a very nice casino recently located in the United States and asked why they did not have any Asian casino marketing programs in place.  They told me that they had tried Asian marketing in the past and that they were unsuccessful so they abandoned their efforts.  Upon further investigation I learned that they had hired one Chinese speaking Casino Host and put that individual in charge of their entire Asian Casino Marketing efforts.  I also learned that they added a number of Chinese food items to their casino buffet because they did not have an Asian restaurant or an Asian Noodle Bar.  They also did not promote any Asian games on their casino floor such as Baccarat or Pai Gow.  I kept digging and finally learned that the majority of Asian players from the surrounding communities were all Vietnamese and not Chinese.  Their Asian Host was unable to communicate with these players in their own language.  The Chinese food items that they prepared were unappealing to Vietnamese players.  And they did not focus on any Vietnamese holidays or Vietnamese entertainment.  No wonder their “Asian casino marketing” efforts failed. […]

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Casino Marketing 101: Very Unique Player Gift Discovered by a 14 Year Old High School Student

My 14 year old son and friends were working on a school project related to marketing.  Their goal was to develop a business plan and market a new product.  Their first task was to find a new product to market.  They actually did a great job and found a really unique product that almost everyone would have a need for.  It is a multi-functional new type of flash light that uses numerous LED light bulbs.  In fact, it has 54 LED bulbs built into it.  It is one of the brightest lights on the market today.  The only one brighter was designed for military use and is actually not that much brighter than the Safe-T-Lite.  The only big difference is price.  The military model costs about ten time more than this commercial model.

My son and his friends were looking for a niche market for this unusual flash light.  I told them that I thought it would make an ideal give-away gift for casinos.  Most casinos look for unique gift items that will appeal to their players and also offer high perceived value. The product is unique, the packaging and size are perfect and the price is fantastic ranging from $14.95 to $19.95 F.O.B. New Jersey depending upon quantity.  Their first task was to write their copy for their ad.

Remember my previous article about “Perception is reality and reality is perception in the casino business.  The casino business today is not about making money, it is about creating value for our customers. Create the value first and making money will be much easier.” […]

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