Casino operators are constantly bombarded with many new ideas for both new Table Game and new Slot Game ideas.  However, most of these new games never materialize or develop into games that have both customer appeal and the ability to make money for the casino operator.  Occasionally a new game will succeed and rise to the top.  The trick is for the casino operator to recognize new opportunity early on to better maximize their ability to earn from the game.  One such new game is called Lunar Poker.  It has already proven its success in other parts of the world and is about to be introduced into the North American market. Lunar Poker has been carefully developed to appeal to a poker player’s every desire and it also has a proven, verifiable track record of holding at least 32% of the cash drop.  Quite impressive to say the least.

Lunar Poker should not be viewed in the same light as many other Poker variants in the market today.  Lunar Poker should also not be viewed as a “Carnival Game”.  It is not.  Lunar Poker is in a class of its own and has already started to go live at many different casinos around the world and growing very rapidly in popularity with players.

Casinos and card players worldwide have been continually looking for a new Poker variant where actual skill and decision making are involved with the game. Additionally, we know that successful games need to cater to everyone from the novice to the most experienced player in order for the casino operator to make money.   Lunar Poker delivers all of the above and more.

Lunar Poker is both fun and exciting. Lunar Poker is a game that will capture the attention of all types of players due to the facts that the player feels in control, actual Poker decisions are made, the game is highly interactive, very exciting and has a strong social aspect. Lunar Poker is the only true game of draw poker against the dealer available in the market today which will also help to guarantee its success.