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Steve Karoul is a recognized casino consultant with 35 years of hands-on experience with the best casinos both within the United States and internationally. He is also an authority on all aspects of casino marketing. Steve has lived in numerous countries and has conducted casino marketing activities in well over 100 countries around the world.   He is an author, a lecturer and an educator who often injects his own hands on experiences and openly shares his ideas and thoughts with fellow industry executives. Telephone +(1-860) 536-1828 or or see


Casino operators are constantly bombarded with many new ideas for both new Table Game and new Slot Game ideas.  However, most of these new games never materialize or develop into games that have both customer appeal and the ability to make money for the casino operator.  Occasionally a new game will succeed and rise to the top.  The trick is for the casino operator to recognize new opportunity early on to better maximize their ability to earn from the game.  One such new game is called Lunar Poker.  It has already proven its success in other parts of the world and is about to be introduced into the North American market. Lunar Poker has been carefully developed to appeal to a poker player’s every desire and it also has a proven, verifiable track record of holding at least 32% of the cash drop.  Quite impressive to say the least.

Lunar Poker should not be viewed in the same light as many other Poker variants in the market today.  Lunar Poker should also not be viewed as a “Carnival Game”.  It is not.  Lunar Poker is in a class of its own and has already started to go live at many different casinos around the world and growing very rapidly in popularity with players.

Casinos and card players worldwide have been continually looking for a new Poker variant where actual skill and decision making are involved with the game. Additionally, we know that successful games need to cater to everyone from the novice to the most experienced player in order for the casino operator to make money.   Lunar Poker delivers all of the above and more.

Lunar Poker is both fun and exciting. Lunar Poker is a game that will capture the attention of all types of players due to the facts that the player feels in control, actual Poker decisions are made, the game is highly interactive, very exciting and has a strong social aspect. Lunar Poker is the only true game of draw poker against the dealer available in the market today which will also help to guarantee its success.

Benefits of Lunar Poker to the Casino Operator

  • Lunar Poker is the next generation of Caribbean Stud Poker and based on the same platforms so that the game will not be foreign to new players.  Gaming staff will also be able to learn the game very quickly and with ease.
  • Staff training is very fast and generally only a brief two hours of training will be required.
  • The game can be explained to a new player in under 15 seconds.  The table layout is also custom designed to both educate and appeal to players focusing on the new options as compared to CSP.
  • Lunar Poker will attract players from all other card games and will deliver a higher hold percentage to the casino operator.
  • In particular, Lunar Poker will attract Poker players, table game players as well as new Generation X Generation Y customers making these customers a much more profitable proposition for the house as well as providing an opportunity to develop new players for the future. The game will normally hold over 40% of drop with new customers and over 30% of drop with “skilled” players.
  • The game pace moves very smoothly at 30-40 hands per hour depending on the skill of the dealer.
  • The volume of betting is normally very high due to the various different betting options taken by the players during each round. Each option attracts a fee which is locked away into the rack immediately as revenue to the house.
  • The Casino Operator has the option to place an additional revenue generating progressive jackpot system on Lunar Poker tables which may also be linked to other Poker variants on the floor if applicable.
  • The Mara Enterprises Team provides staff training, Game Rules, Game Procedures, Training Manuals, Table layout designs and Digital Signage.
  • Most importantly, Mara Enterprises Ltd provides ongoing support for the product with a dedicated 24/7 helpline.

General Description and flow of the game

  • After placing an Ante, each player and dealer are dealt 5 cards, with the dealer’s bottom card face up.
  • The player then has the option to fold / play or try and improve their poker hand by buying a 6th card or exchanging 2-5 cards at the cost of a fee equivalent to their initial ante.
  • After either of these options is taken, the player then decides whether to play or fold. To play, the player will place a Bet equivalent to double their Ante.
  • The dealer must qualify with Ace-King or higher for the Player’s Bet wagers to be paid (as in CSP).
  • All winning poker hands against the dealer are paid as per the displayed Poker combination payout table.
  • If the dealer does not qualify, the player’s Ante wager will be paid 1:1 only.
  • However, the player may elect another fun option to “Force The Dealer To Try To Qualify” by paying another fee equivalent to their Ante where the dealer will exchange their highest card for the next card off the deck in play. If the dealer still doesn’t qualify, no Antes or Bets are paid for those players who took this option.

Attractiveness of Lunar Poker to the Customer

  • An easy to learn, highly interactive and exciting poker game.  It will appeal to all levels of players.
  • A true draw poker game with poker combinations that everyone understands.
  • Players are in control of their own destiny with plenty of options and decisions to keep themselves in the game against the dealer. The option to improve one’s hand is very powerful and tempting.
  • Very attractive payout odds on Poker combinations as well as the chance to win on the first five card “Instant Ante Payout Feature” with a Royal or Straight Flush.
  • The huge prizes offered on the Progressive Jackpot are also a very appealing attraction to the game.

How fast is Lunar Poker growing?

Mara Enterprises Ltd has partnered with TCS John Huxley and will be rolling out a large scale marketing drive across the United States throughout 2013 and beyond. Limited marketing was conducted in 2012, with a particular focus on the California region where the game was very well received.

  • The company has a rapidly growing Team of highly experienced Marketing Executives.  All of them are very dynamic and professional individuals with decades of Table Games knowledge.
  • Lunar Poker is currently live in Cache Creek casino and is about to go live at the Jackson Rancheria Casino.
  • Commerce Casino, Club One and Hollywood Park have all filed for compliance in California.
  • Atlantic City and the state of Mississippi have both been cleared for trial by their respective gaming boards.
  • Lunar Poker has also proven popular with Casino Operators in Australasia and Asia where numerous properties have filed for compliance including Marina Bay Sands Singapore, The Star in Sydney, Adelaide Casino and Sky City Casino, Auckland New Zealand.
  • Lunar Poker has also been live at the Carnival Casino in South Africa for 3 years.

The interest now from other casino operators requesting a demonstration of the game is quite overwhelming. Additional members will be joining the Lunar Poker Team to manage the demand in an efficient and professional manner as we pride ourselves in providing the best possible ongoing support for our clients.

The opportunity is now.

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